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pain in left arm with lump at elbow


I was in a car accident last May. My legs and arms were slammed forward in to the dash. They x-rayed my hands and knees. No seeable breaks or fractures. However, the palms of my hands hurt for 4-5 months and are still sore at the last joint of hand to fingers. Now my left arm hurts from palm up to shoulder interrupting sleep. I cannot open jars or do twisting motion or lift with left arm. There is a lump bigger than a golf ball at the lower inside elbow joint. I can feel that it interferes with bending my arm. During the day I have to drop my arm down and at times my hands go numb or pain goes up under my left arm to shoulder. What happened? I can not get any relief.


  1. I have what feels to me to be a lump not perfect in shape on the inside of both of my elbows. I get sevier pain when picking up a glass of water. Anything bothers me to lift. It hurts at times by itself. Without lifting. I can hardly brush my hair and it is getting worse. can you help me. I have been told that oh that is just your vain? ok whatever whay does it hurt me thn.