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Pain in my right ribs under my chest


A little over a month ago I was wrestling in my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class and with my right arm extended i tryed to push my partner over top of me. I felt like i pulled something in my ribcage underneath my chest about 3 inchs under my armpit. I also lift weight almost everyday, and i continued to train, the pain was very rare and not very serious. Today in class the pain became worse, and has become a bit uncomfortable again, much like when i first injured it. Im not sure if it is a muscle injury or a bruise too my ribs or soemthing else. When i take a deep breath it hurts more as if something was pushing up against my ribs.

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  1. I am 23 years old,suffering from the right side of my body starting from the nape of my neck till the right toe, even pain in my right side of my ribs when touched. Not able to find what it is….

  2. i had a chest infection and took anti biotics, now i feel better but i have sharp stabbing pains in my ribs at the top where my lungs are. it hurts when i cough and breathe deep, also when i touch the region or stretch. what is it could you shed any light on it?regards

  3. How would I know if my rib is broke or just brusied? I was giving my grand daughter a bath one week ago slip and fell on the edge of the tub. It hurts to take a deep breath or move my right arm to much.