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Pain in the knee!!!


My grandma is 72 years old and about 8 months ago she had some arthritis scraped out of her knee. Ever since then her knee has been swollen and very very painful.
She is out of state right now and cannot get to her doctor.
I was wondering if there were any non-strenuous excercises/stretches she could do at home for her knee.
Please keep in mind that she also has COPD and she cannot breathe very well at times so any excercises that may include riding a bike, walking long distances, or swimming are out!
I have her put ice on her elevated knee every night for about 15 to 20 minutes or however long she can stand, but this just isn’t doing anything for her.
PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I feel helpless……thanks.


  1. Also try and do some stability exercises. Try sitting on a swiss ball, draw your tummy to your spine and lift one leg off the ground, balancing on your other foot. Also strengthen your glute med and min, they stabilize your hip and therefore your knee. External rotation of the hip activates it. Try pushing a wall down with the lateral side of your leg, standing side on to the wall.

  2. I have knee pain too. She can do light excercise, to strengthen her muscles around her knee, like sitting and just squeezing her knee mucscles, for one, also a stationary bike to move the knee joint around. But Z-Coil shoes will reduce the impact when she walks by 50%, reducing her pain and enabling her to walk more. See if there is a store near her or near you.