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pain in upper arm


I have excruciating pain at the top of my upper arm (not the shoulder or socket area).
It feels like it’s in the muscle.
I can lift heavy weight with it but I can’t move it in certain directions.
It especially hurts during the night if I’ve slept on it wrong.
What in the world is it???


  1. Hi Susie,Hope you find out! I have pain in my upper left arm for the last week. Extremely painful, muscle weakness in that arm.But I am due for a hip replacement in 2 weeks, so my arm is the least of my worries lol.I feel like the whole left side of my body is either in pain or weakness.Kind regardsJan

  2. I have been suffering from pain in upper left arm. It also aches at night if sleeping on it but what is worrying more is that since summer 07 I have been experiencing numbness in my fingers. I noticed it in my right hand at first then it prog-ressed to my left hand. I have just started work as a cleaner which was nine months agc. can you help!

  3. after my bypass surgery of the heart aBOUT 20 MONTHS BACK I HAVE NOTICED SOME PAIN IN MY NECK AND UPPER ARM.IT WAS MILD AT THAT TIME but in the recent past it has aggravated.i hav startted exercises of the arms and legs and hav found some relief.i would like to know the cause of this problem and the necessary cure without medication

  4. My husband is experiencing sharp pain in the left upper arm muscle area. It seems to only happen when he’s in bed and it stops as suddenly as it comes on.Is anybody on any meds — lipitor, etc?

  5. I have severe pain of the upper arm and shoulder in both arms with the right arms being much worse. There is no muscle strength. Oftentimes, the pain is also in the wrist and hands with strength loss in the use of my hands, which appear to be cold.

  6. I was injured 16 years ago, when a 4 wheel motorcycle rolled over the front fork, and landed on me. Several bones (Ribs, Clavical, Scapula, basal skull fracture, wrist radial) were fractured. I have had pain in my shoulders since that time, and an orthopedist told me this problem would eventually result is extreme arthritus. For the past several months, I have experienced extreme pain in my shoulders and upper arms. When I lift anything, 10 lbs or more, my right upper arm and fore arm become extremely painful, to the point where I cannot pick anything with my right hand. This condition will last for 2 to 3 days after lifting anything, like a piece of furniture, or carrying a few 20 lb pieces of firewood for a few feet. Not a few pieces at a time, but several trips with a single 20 lb load.Just raising my arm, will cause compression muscle pain, as I rotate my elbow. This pain is in the forearm especially, and in my upper arm and shoulder. Depending upon which arm I use to pick things, the pain is more prevalent in that arm. The pain is continuous. It becomes more severe when I carry something for several feet. As I said before, after I carry something, the pain is severe for 2 to 3 days, then it diminishes some. After 2 to 3 days, I can pick small objects. Also, I cannot sleep on my Stomach. While on my Stomach, there is no arm position which is not intolerably painful.

  7. i have pain in my upper arm and it feels like when i put my arm at my side the muscle is pulling away from the bone it also feels like the upper arm has muscle spasms thsi has been going on for the past several weeks but is gradually getting worse what can this bethanks erny

  8. Today is a really bad day for my arm pain. I have had it for about 6 weeks. Not really brought on by an injury that I know of. It started all of a sudden. I thought it was a pulled muscle. It is so painful I am beginning to think it might be bone cancer. What could it be?

  9. I’ve had similar pain for the last 2 years, it was only recently I saw a physiotherapist that I discovered it was caused by excessive use of breaststroke, doing the same type of repetitive exercise(in swimming). The longer you leave it (as I had), the worse it could get-I am unable to move my arm normally, so undergoing physio at the moment. Suggest you see your GP and/or physiotherapist.