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Pain on left leg plus varicoses


Dear Dr.Bunting:I’m a 35 years old female, not overweigth. I walk almost every day (1-2 miles) as an only workout. I remain sit al day because of my work.I have been experincing pain and numbness in my left leg…it even wakes me up some times!There are some days that I can’t walk very well…neither being standing up to long…Also, I have varicoses veins in both legs. I already had had the saline inyections and the pulling off treatment done in both legs, but the varicoses are still there!Question: It is posible that the pain and numbness are related to the lack of blood circulation? Or, maybe something else?I even can’t say if the pain is muscular or on the bone…my leg feels to haevy at times!I will appreciate ANY imput.Thanks