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pain on top of foot/outside


Yesterday I was fine. No injuries that I recall. I woke up this morning and ouch! I couldn’t put any weight on the outside of my right foot. The pain has been intense all day. It throbs like bursitis or a bad cramp. My husband messaged it and hit a difficult tender spot on the outside halfway down my foot. Most of the muscles on the top of my foot ache. HELP! I am going on vacation for a week and do not know what to do. I took an antiinflamatory and it helped a little. I still can not stand on it without shoes. Please advise ASAP. I would REALLY appreciate any insight! Thanks so much. Beth


  1. I am pretty sure most doctors would have you come in for an examination and evaluation. There is a great deal of information that we gain by looking at something as well as feeling. My recommendation is that you call a podiatrist and get in ASAP.