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pain & swollen foot/ankle


I am now 48 years old and was born with one club foot. It was operated on and worked relatively well. Now, it gets inflamed, from the mid-calf to the toes if i am on it for short periods of time, and quit painful.It also developed a small movable “bump” on the outside protruding ankle bone.Two years ago I had new shoe inserts made, but they do not seem to help any more than the old ones.I am getting concerned because the less I use it (due to pain) the more weight I put on as I was very active before.What do you recommend?Thank you,

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  1. Age 75 5’2 200lbsI have a lot of pain in my foot. The outer area in the topcenter of the foot is swollen. This condition cleared for a week or so and I went shopping and it came back. However, it was now in both feet. It is very difficult to get on my feet to and to move once on my feet. It has been another week and the one foot is OK again. Whatcan be a possible cause and/or a solution.