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Partial Tendon Tear in Rotator Cuff


I’ve just been diagnosed with a partially torn tendon in my RC.
They want to start with physical therapy but I’ve already performed some of the rehabilitative exercises and have been continuing this for the last 6-7 months.
How will physical therapy help me? Thank you,


  1. Hello,I have facet arthrosis along with the subject condition, severe bilateral lateral recess narrowing, congential short pedicle syndrome with mild degenerative disc disease. I’ve started physical therapy but it seems to get worse. What do you suggest is next?

  2. Thank’s jennifer, it’s been 7 months now, and i’m just starting to be able to throw a baseball again. almost pain free. We’ll see after this weekend, i wish you well, pat.

  3. I had limited range of motion. Basically I can’t throw anything over my shoulder or even throw a bag of trash away. I’ve gotten weaker–I have a hard time putting a fitted sheet on my mattress.