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patella tendon


could you please give me some advice about a knee problem. i am a physical education teacher and have recently began to get pain in my patella tendon and underneath the bottom of my kneecap. this occurs when i play any sport or participate in exercise such as cycling, running or swimming. the tendon becomes very sore and stiff for several days. when this soreness subsides my knee still feels very weak as if it needs extra support. i rested for 4 weeks and the injury seemed ok. however, i played one set of tennis and the injury reappeared. i have played soccer twice per week for the last 10 months. will i need surgery? are any other treatments available? thank you for your time.s. tod

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  1. Is it a problem or Not? I am a 46 year old woman. I have no ACL’s in my knees due to tennis injuries of the past (coping with a left knee ACL brace). I walked in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer two weekends ago and my patella tendons were a mess after the first 26 mile day. I iced the knees at all rest stops and completed the walk the next day (another 13 miles). I was hoping that the soreness would go away and it has on my left knee but my right patella tendon is still very tender from below my knee cap to the bottom of my quad muscle. Should I just wait it out and rest it or should I see someone? The trainer said my knee cap wasn’t tracking properly and it was on a tilt. She tried to tape it for the second day of walking but the tape fell of shortly thereafter.