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Patella tendonitis


hello i appreciate any feedback you can givei’ve had the inner surface of my patella smoothened over after damage due to poor tracking and alignment. I got a lateral release but still tape my knee cap across. I get regular pain with running especially warming up. I do wear orthotics. Firstly, is this something i will have to learn to deal with like my specialist suggests, that i might not play competetive league again. or can i beat this. Im using celebrex a anti imflammatory. Im also starting to get pain below the knee which is wursening with exercise. The symptoms sound like patella tendonitis and i wondering if these Gel band patella straps are worth a go. I currently have a basic strap and it helps a little but doesn’t make much difference. Is this product by orthobionics all shit and not worth shipping to Australia or what?thanx for you timeSG

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  1. yeah- I have similar symptoms. I play collegiate soccer and we are currently doing off season training. Both knee cap areas often hurt while running, doing squats, and playing soccer. It makes me want to quit soccer because I fear for my knees if they continue to worsen. If anyone could post any helpful and informed information, Steve and I could use advice