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patellar tendonitis


Looking for any information to help my husband.
He is a 26 y.o white male with no prior history to knee pain or injury.
Have seen several MD’s to no avail.He works as a sheriff deputy, runs to keep in shape (although he hasn’t for about 8 mos) and lifts weights religiously.
Have tried all therapies..NSAIDs, straps,braces,cortisone creams,physical therapy. Been told only solution is surgery or change of jobs (neither is very likely) Any “alternative therapies that have been successful?” We are currently trying MSM, but just started. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!!


  1. Hi. I’ve developed patellar tendonosis and I was wondering if you found a solution. Please help if possible. Thanks. Jim.

  2. A good physical exam is the key to diagnosing the real cause of your husbands pain. Soft tissue lesions known as trigger points within the leg musculature may refer to the knee. Additionally, if the problem was been present prior to symptoms, patellar tendon tearing may have occured. Practitioners of active release therapy, typically Chiropractors, may help in the healing process. Medications, are typically useless in long standing inflammatory conditions. The only other alterantive, that would correct the underlying problem, is prolotherapy AKA sclerotherapy. You may need to seek out the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine for an MD who does this type of procedure. My personal success rate with referring patients for this procedure is very high. Cost is reasonable, and side effects are nominal. I hope this has helped you.

  3. An abnormal tracking of the Patellar Tendon can cause severe pain. Question? Does your husband feel a lot of pain while walking up and down stairs? If so, it could be more appropriately called ChondroMalacia Patella. There is a programthat includes doing Leg extensions on a Leg Exension machine. The important thing is to hold at the end of each repetition for at least three seconds. This will strengthen the vastus medialis muscle which sits on the medial aspect of the distal quadriceps. If there is weakness in this muscle, it will cause abnormal tracking. Other than that, tendonitis responds to transverse friction massage. Check with a local massage therapist to find one that is trained to perform this type of therapy. Good luck!

    • Hi,I’ve got a severe case of Jumper’s knee and I know I either need to stop playing basketball or get surgery, but I’m not planning on doing either, I was hoping you could tell me if there’s any way to treat it, or any kind of sports creme I could take to help relieve the pain. thank you