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PCL Tear


I had a recent motorcycle mishap.
I broke both the tibia and the fibula (2 places) Lucky for me I just found out today (2 weeks later) that the fibula is stable and I will not need a plate.
However, I was informed by my ortho that he was referring me for an MRI because he felt that I probably tore my PCL.
All the web information I can find is all over the map whether this injury requires surgical repair or not.
However, I do like to get my Cardio exercise and Im concerned about my future with the treadmill if I do nothing.
My orthopedic said because Im young (33) that he would probably recommend repair…help?
Thank you!!!Jonathan


  1. I recommend you await the MRI results. If you can ask for the films and get another opinion. The reason there is a wide range of viewpoints is because there does not seem to be one way that works all the time.I recommend you do a search on WebMD or Medscape for information