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perfect bed for imperfect back?


Hi! My fiance and I are mattress shopping for the best bed for his back. He’s got a torn rotator cuff (from a construction accident)PLUS a lower back with 3 disks over 50% degenerated (from a car accident). Is there a certain kind of mattress you would recommend? Are those sleep number beds all they’re cracked up to be? What about the posture-pedic? Right now he’s sleeping on an old mattress and he hasn’t had a restful night’s sleep for about 5 months!

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  1. Firm mattress with a cushy top is the way to go. Pillow tops are good. You want the cushion on top as it aides in circulation. When lying on a bed on your back, you should not be able to slide your hand under the lower back (lumbar spine). If you can, then the mattress is too firm. If you have to pick between too firm or too soft, go with firm as with time it will soften up. Sealy posturepedic is a good mattress. Sleep numbers in my opinion are gimmicky. Check your local manufactures too. some local mattress builders make the best mattresses. Check out SAMS. They carry some very good beds. You can’t test them there. Go there, right down the names, then go to a mattress store test them. Then go back to SAMS and buy the one you want. That is if you are happy with it. I’m just not one of those people that believes you have to buy a $2500-$3000 mattress. Get a fine matress for $1000-$1500.