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petellar tendinosis rehab and duration?


I’ve been diagnosed with petallar tendinosis. One knee. I tried rehad (spinning and essentric lunges) for about a month. This was followed by rest for a month. Now I’m back to rehab, perhaps more conservative this time around. My initial injury was about 4 months ago. I’m looked for advise and guidance on rehab and the chances of success. Does this ever heal? How can I promote healing? It has been uncomfortable to walk. I’ve been swimming every day and do some spinning and biking as well as some lunges and pool walking. I’m in the fitness center everyday but can’t seem to find something that improves my condition. I’ve been taking NSAIDs for about a month now. They seem to help but I’m not sure if they’re good for this in the long run. I’ve had an MRI and everything looks fine. My doc says to give it another 8 weeks while increasing the demand on the tendon. Any advise? Anyone who has had success?


  1. Also note that I’m 49 years old and have been in top physical condition. My injury resulted from a day of telemark skiing, lift service, mostly difficult terrain (bumps & heavy powder). Initially I had some visible swelling. I immediately saw a nurse practitioner who advised PFS..just ice it and return to sports. It worsened within 2 weeks so I made an appnt to see the doctor. I began PT with essentric lunges and 1 hr spinning each day. Finally by Doc appnt came up and he assessed ‘overuse’. I had an MRI that showed no abnormalities & proceeded with a month of relative rest and NSAID. With some improvement, possibly only because of the medication, I’m returning to rehab exercises.