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P.F. & nerve pain


I have been treating plantar fasciitis for 5 months now…..some relief, but not quite there yet.
Two weeks ago I received a cortisone injection for the nerve pain (very searing & burning feeling ) in my inner arch area.
It helped some, but still have tingling going on, especially in the heel.
The arch area feels sensitive, and when I am in my shoes with orthotics, gel type, the area beneath the arch feels “fuller” than the other foot……kind of in an exaggerated way.
I ice several times a day.
Can the fascia itself be so swollen that it is triggering the nerves to be reacting?
Thanks,MelanieCan nerve pain-irritation be part of the P.F. syndrome?


  1. After seeing your posted reply, I went to my podiatrist who also thought I may have now develped TTS. He gave me an injection of cortisone.My question is, the next day my symptoms are worse. He said this can happen and to ice and rest. Is this a result of the cortisone and if so, when will it subside. I needed relief, now am feeling not so hot.Please help.

  2. Without an examination, I can not say for sure. One possibility that comes to mind is tarsal tunnel syndrome. This might describe the burning pain you note.