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Pidgeon toed adult


I’ve been pidgeon toed since birth. I’m now 27.
When I was very young I remember wearing shoes with a bar between them at night but it did not really correct the problem.
Doctors wanted to do surgery when I was a baby to shorten an overly long tendon. (I don’t know specifics since it was never discussed with me) My parents decided not to go through with the operation then because there was a high risk that the surgery would leave me with a permanent limp.
It never really bothered me much except that people always told me that I walked funny.
The thing is, now I’m competing in Irish dancing.
As hard as I work at it, my left foot still turns in when I lift it off the ground. It is a severe mark-down in competition for poor foot placement.
Also I tend to get shin splints very badly in that leg and the ankle frequently “gives” on me.
I have an apointment to consult with my doctor next month about it but I would like to know what sort of treatments are available to an adult now.
Are there surgical options?
I’ve been through physical therapy to strenghten the muscles but it is not a muscular or skeletal problem.
From my understanding it is simply an overly long tendon not supplying the support I need.
It is very frustrating for me because as much as I love dancing, this is a physical limitation which prevents me from being able to score well, causes me frequent injuries, and just embarrases me because my instructors are constantly pointing it out or just making excuses for my “bad” dancing.

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  1. There are several different possible causes of an in-toe gait. I am not sure how an “overly long tendon” would cause this. A too tight tendon and muscle in the foot could be one cause. As far as what to do about the problem, you are doing the right thing talking to your doctor. After an evaluation, recommendations can be made and you can go from there.Good luck.