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Pin in the tip of 2nd toe


I recently had corrective surgery on my right foot…
I have not got 2- 5in incisions on both sides of my feet where he took out extra bone and put screws in. Then I had a claw toe that he put K-wire (pin) in. I had this done Dec. 28th, on the 12th of Janu. I go back and hes taking stitches and pin out. I am sick of the pain already when my foots not elevated my foot feels cold and numb. I am scared about the pin coming out. What should I expect? Does the removal of a pin hurt?


  1. I am sure your doctor would want to address your concerns personally. You should specifically tell him/her about the cold and numb feeling. As far as the pin hurting, generally it does not. Some patients need a local anestheic and other do not. Call your doctor