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Pinched Nerve in foot?


Hello and thank you for taking my question,I have had a pain in my foot for the past ten years that I have finally decided to do something about…
Here are the symptoms – if anything rubs the top of my foot I get pain there that shoots up through my leg into my hip. If I excercise the hip by lifting the leg it subsides a little bit.
Here’s my question – is it a pinched nerve and should I see a podiatrist or a chiropractor?


  1. It could be a pinched nerve, but where is the problem? A chiropractor will attempt to diagnose and treat with manipulation and therapy. A podiatrist might try a cortisone injection if the nerve is pinched in the foot. If the problem is coming from your back, then an orthopedist or neurologist might be indicated.So I suggest you pick a specialist and go from there. Good luck.

    • I have been having a pain in my left foot, conviently just two years ago (before all this has happened) I had a benign tumor removed from my left calf. Nonetheless, I’m seventeen years old and experiencing pains within my left foot now. I have seen a specialized foot doctor a couple of months ago — and I was then injected with a shot of cortizon. Yet, it never helped. In fact, the pain has gotten worse. I know exactly where it is located, and that it is a pinched nerve — even the doctor has said so. However, my third and fourth toes have gotten numb after that shot. Should I go back and see my orthopedic doctor, and would this result in my having to have it surgically divided — or do I need more cortizon shots? He told me that sometimes people need to come back for two shots… but if my toes have gotten numb, and everytime (whenever I’m lying down) I stand up, and land on my left foot and have it tingling, isn’t that bad? With/without shoes, (I’m flatfooted also, and overweight — could it be the symptom to me having diabetes?) it still aches. Even sitting down, and resting my foot on a level object it still aches. I’m concerned. Should I be?