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Pinched nerve in neck


I am pretty sure that I have a pinched nerve in my neck, however I haven’t had it diagnosed. It started with a crick in my neck and I was trying to rub it – I realized that at a certain point, if I pushed on it, it would send a shock and tingle down my arm, into my fingers, and in my neck. This happened over a year ago and if I push on that same spot it will still send that same tingle down my arm. Lately, I have frequently been getting crick’s in my neck, waking up in the morning with them. What do you suggest I do? I am 23 years old, Female, I work out regularly, but other then that do not engage in real strenuous activites.


  1. i would suggest you visit a good specialist so you can find out the root causes of the problems. But, without evaluating your physical posture n such, I would recommend to sleep with a rolled up towel under your neck instead of a pillow under your head. The idea is to practice good posture while you sleep. Do you do this already? You already know that tightness in the neck radiates downward throughout the body, so you want to practice good shoulder posture as well. Sorry gtg haha