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pinched siatic nerve


is there any physical therapy i can do at home to relieve the pain in my thigh area?


  1. I have experienced siatica pain for justa few days at a time for 20 years but,yearsbetween occurances. This time it started two weeks ago and is just as bad today as it was two weeks ago.

  2. I first found out that I had this when I found out I was pregnant in 2005. Ive had it off and on since then. While emailing you I have it right now. Its so bad that my whole left side of my body from my lower back, to my hip, to my but cheek and down my leg to my knee is in so much pain. I can barely walk at times I cant walk, it hurts to bend over, sit down, walk, lay down, it makes me sick to my stomach, makes me sweat. Im in so much pain and I dont know what to do. I know its the pinched siatic nerve. I went to my doctor and they took x-rays and they said its only arthritus. Arthritus does not have these symptoms, also its so bad that when I have it my hip will stick out so far. I will look in the mirror and the other side is straight with my body. I dont know what to do and I dont believe my doctor. Can you please help.

  3. Hi i am having terrible pain on my left upper hip area,may be nerve damage.Bothers me bad when sitting or walking.Had theropy,acupuncture,etc What can be done about nerve damage,anything,Thanks.leb

  4. I am a nurse and had an mri done which showed t2-t8 swelling to the plexix of my spinal cord and now I am having contant pain with groin and siatic sever pain I am afraid to do any exercises due to the swelling in my spinal cord do you have any suggestions please email me