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pinched syatic nerve


I am 15 years old and I am having INTENSE lower back/right hip pain. I went to the chiropractor about 2 months ago and he said that it was a pinched syatic nerve. He treated me, and I got better, but then I started running track. I think that the same injury has reoccurred. I just need a way to get rid of some of this pain before I start my treatment again. (p.s. I am taking Motrin religiously and am also taking Coedine for my sprained ankle) Thank You.


  1. I have pain in my lower back, hip, and down to my rignt knee and leg. Are there specific exercises to relive and recover from this sciatic nerve pain?Thanks,H. G. Koch

  2. I have pain in my hip back and down my left leg I can only sit for a little while and only in a soft chair. It hurts more in the morning is there anything I can do with my bed to help the pain in the morning without buying a new bed? I have a futon and it now has 2 mattresses…please help…i’m only 17 and already having huge back pain…what else can I do? My doctor told me i have a pinched nerve so…will going to a chiropractor help me? I want to be out of pain so bad…being a Sr. in Highschool is hard when you can’t even sit.

  3. It’s good that the chiro made you better, but sounds like you need some PT to analyze your posture and running form…sounds like you need some stretching and exercises…the chiro can write a prescription for physical therapy.