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Pinkie problems (jammed or broken)


I have a pinkie that is either jammed or broken. It swelled and discolored a little at first, now it just remains a little swelled. I am 48. Tried to catch son’s football pass which bounced on pavement and caught my finger straight on.Going on 3 weeks now, still a tad swollen and can feel some minor pains when it is hit and a bit when bent. I can still use it. Doubt it would need surgery. Should I completely immobilize it (splint?) If so, how long?


  1. Did you get it checked out by a doc? Usually we put those in what’s called a buddy splint. Can be in that for 3-4 weeks. Use ice for pain and swelling and limit forces through that joint, like lifting, pushing or pulling. Do NOT use heat at this time.