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I was walking rather quickly and hit my pinky on part of the cash register at work. It hurt REALLY bad right away. I put ice on it. Under the knuckle is swollen. This was 9:30am. By dinner time under the pinky on the hand was swollen and discolored. The next morning the knuckle is begining to turn pupleish tint. It is sore certain way I try to move it. I can move in. It hurts to try and make a tight fist orto put it right up againt he ring finger. The way I hurt it seems impossibke to have a serious injury to me. Do you think after time it will heal itself?

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  1. Hello. I have recently(5-15-04) experienced a severe cut to the palm side of my right pinky finger. I cut 1 of the tendons in half. I had minor surgery to reattach the tendon and flesh repair. I have been doing alot of internet searches to help me with the rehab I will need. I have found many health websites that show how easily it is to damage these tendons in the hand and fingers. A sharp blow like you had could have partially torn or “exploded” one of the tendons in the pinky. I would recommend you have it checked. If it is damaged severely you may never totally recover the full use of the finger if not properly treated. By the way I have no insurance so I am hoping ot do as much rehab on my own as possible. Hope your pinky gets better.