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Plantar faciitis


I have been suffering from plantar faciitis in one foot for several months.
I am currently taping the bottom of the fool and using Dr. Sholl’s arch supports (which I built up to better conform to my high arch).
The taping really helps and the arch supports some.
I have done calf stretch for a week or two but not religiously.
What exercises would be best. Also, is there another arch support that you would recommend.
I tried on Birkenstocks and felt that they were built up too much under the metatarsal area causing discomfort when I walked in them.

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  1. PLEASE RESPOND, VERY CONCERNEDPROBLEM Just recently I decided to see if I could actually jog 10 miles. Just to see if I could do it. Well, on January 21, 2005 I followed through with it to see if I could. Now I would say that 8 miles into my run just below my knee began to hurt, like a sharp pain and my right ankle as well as the bottom of my right foot. I thought it was just my body getting tired, maybe cramping. I had 3 more miles to go which I thought to myself I could do in my sleep so I continued to run ignoring the pain. I completed my run. The next day I awoke limping. The bottom of my right foot on the outer portion is killing me. After prolonged periods of standing or walking hurts. My Question: What did I do to my foot? It’s been a week since my run and I haven’t run for the entire week. Can I run again? Should I? what should I do to ease the pain and again when can I run again?Thank you…………………….

  2. I have had plantar faciitis for quite some time now. I was diagnosed with it back in April of this year. It happened during a race and it’s gotten a little better. I have gone through 3 doctors, the last one seems to be the best. He gave me a cortisone shot and it really helped. The only exercises I am permitted to do is cycling (no hill climbing) and swimming. I am dying to run. How long do these recoveries usually take and will it occur again? I still have a little pain but not so much first thing in the morning anymore. What sort of prevention can practice? How effective are night splints?