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Plantar Fasciitis


Hi,I play basketball at my high school. My heel has been very painful to walk and run on. I asked the trainer about it, he said it sounds like plantar fasciitis. He wraps it before games and practice. I ice it after practice and take a tennis ball and roll it around on my foot to stretch it out. The pain hasn’t decreased. Some pain has moved to the outside of my heel too. What can I do to help my heel heal? Do i need to see a orthopedic doctor?

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  1. Sometimes heel and plantar pain can be caused by a heel spur. Have you gone to a doc to have this looked at? I suggest this since you still have nagging pain in the heel.

  2. Stretching exercises are recommended for plantar fasciitis. People usually have heel pain when they first wake up. This is a good time to stretch (plantar flex) the ankle.An orthopedic doctor that has a specialty in the foot would be recommended.