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plantar fasciitis


My wife has severe plantar fasciitis.
She has had all of the conservatice treatments and we are now considering Ossatron treatments, however we live in VA and this teatment has not been approved here yet.
We are looking at a clinic in Tennessee, but our insurance will not cover the $7000-8000 cost.
What are your opinions on this treatment?
I have heard that the success rate is the same as surgery and there is now a study that says it doesn’t help at all.
I want my wife to be relieved of the agony.
Thank you for your response.

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  1. I have read the study that you mention. The protocol used in the Australian study is different than protocols used in the US. I do not have first hand experience with this modality, but I understand the concept. You understand many insurance plans will not pay for it as it is still considered investigational. You should discuss the remaining available options with your doctor who knows her foot best. Then make an informed decision.Good luckVivian A DPM