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plantar fascitius


I was just diagnosed with plantar fascitus and i got steriod injections about 3 days ago. My docter told me to get a night splint but i cannot afford one so i bought an ace bandage and a heel cup support cup. will this help my foot or just make it worse. Im not allowed to work for 2 weeks and my docter wants me to stay off of it for at least 2 months until it heal because i was on it for so long without any treatment that i caused 2 small heel spurs or fractures. any advise on the ace bandage if it wil lhelp or not??


  1. What you doctor has recommended is certainly an accepted method of treatment, but is not the only one. Night splints are available in some pharmacies as well as on the Internet. The purpose is to keep the plantar fascia stretched while sleeping so it doesn’t contract and hurt when first stepping down in the morning. If you can accomplish this with what you describe, then that is good.