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Plantar fibroma, alcohol sclerosing agent


I found a small bump in my arch, close to my heel that hurts to the touch, but does not hurt me to walk because of it’s location.
The diagnosis was a plantar fibroma.
I was told that these just happen and there is nothing to be done about them.
Is this true?
I’ve also have, on the same foot a stump neuroma that developed after my morton’s neuroma was removed.
My new podiatrist suggested trying an alcohol sclerosing agent to stop the pain.
Have you heard of this before? Is it something I should consider?
Thank you.


  1. While I have used alcohol for sclerosing neuromas, I have not done so for plantar fibromas. I would ask the doctor about the pros and cons of this vs. injecting the fibroma with cortisone. That is what I use only if the fibroma is painful.

    • What do you do for plantar fibromas if there is no pain involved? Is it ok to just ignore them? Do they ever go away spontaneously?Thank you, Mary