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Planters Wart


I’ve got some black planters warts.
I’ve tried the salicylic acid OTC treatments, and while they originally appear to have worked (killed all the skin, peeled off in a whitish disk like manner, all visable black wart removed), it’s subsequently re-emerged.
It’s now a calloused area that goes through a cycle of filling up with scar tissue, then breaking off when there’s lot of physical activity.
It’s also filled with numerous black wart heads again, and painful.
What’s the suggestion for taking care of these things?
I had one removed by a Dr. a number of years ago, and while the wart did indeed go away, the resultant scar tissue’s as painful to walk on as the wart was, and it’s not going away either.
Bit of a rock and hard place issue..
Thanks for any insight..

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  1. The black spots you note on the plantar (bottom) aspect of your foot are actually thrombosed capillaries. The wart virus causes the epidermal skin cells to grow rapidly and in an irregular manner which pushes on the nerves and capillaries in the dermis causing the appearance you see. There is no single treatment for warts that works on everyone unfortunately.I am not particularly fond of using the topical salicylic acid. I discuss the options available with the patient and depending on them sometimes we will try Tagamet, sometimes Aldara, sometimes surgical excision. I always advise my patients ther is no guaranteed success with any treatment.