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Planter’s Warts


My son came home from college 31/2 years ago with planter’s warts on both feet.
He was trying to treat them himself for awhile.
He has been seeing a dermatologist in this regard for over 2 years.
He has had them surgically removed three times.
He is now on medication and external treatment.
He says they are no longer painful but they are still very present.
Is there a podiatrist in Omaha, NE that has experience with this?
He needs to get rid of them entirely and I do not think the current treatment is as effective as we need it to be.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. When I was 15 years old, I had approximately had about 20-25 warts on each foot. The warts that one the 2 big toes were huge. It became so that I could not walk anymore so I had them removed, half were lasered and half had to be dug out. One month later they all came back, and one manth after that miraculously they all disppeared.Now I have one huge one that I was being treated by a chiropidist as a corn. When this instution closed down, I found another and found out that the corn was a wart.I hav been treated it with an acit but to no avail.The pain is so excrutiating at times that it wakes me up in the night.I now take 600-1200 mg of ibuprofen for the pain. I’ve now demanded to have these dealt with through the laser.How can I deal with it later so that they do not get out of hand??