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please someone help me!


I have osgood schlatters disease and the docter told me i can’t do sports until i am 18 years old!…i am only 13 yearts old!!!!! i love my sports and i am extreamly upset! is this true?can i still do my irish-dancing!? football!


  1. Osgood-schlatter disease is caused by activity that use a lot of quadriceps force causing pain at the tibial tubericle, or the area just below the knee on the tibia. You should rest doing activities that use your quads, like Irish dancing. The pain usually resolves as the skeletal system matures, thus why the doctor said to hold sports till your 18. At least till you are pain free…do quad stretching and straight leg raises with light weights at first to strengthen you quads. I suggest you do some serious net searching on osgood-schlatter and educate ourself on this diagnosis.Look into sports that don’t involve forceful quad contractions, like swimming.