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Popped/Sprained ankle


Playing catch, I jumped up to catch the ball and landed on the outer edge of my left foot. The ankle rolled slightly and a pop sound/feeling occurred followed by pain to the outer ankle.Luckily there was ice available and I immediately applied it to decrease swelling. I was able to partially apply my weight to the bottom of foot as I limped to car. At home I elavated the foot and applied an ice pack to the outer area of foot for aboutan hour. Initially there was some slight swelling at the outer ankle, like in the area where the lateral cuneiform and cuboid bones are located(got names from site).But several hours later with no ice I have swelling and hardness above the upper inner arch of the foot.
I plan on buying an ankle brace, but until then would it be okay to wrap the ankle with an ace bandage?Unfortunately, I don’t currently have insurance so unless I go to an ER I won’t get seen. I don’t feel that it is broken since I can point my toes outward in the foot as well as inward toward myself(although a little tight there). Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Jan.

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  1. Certainly, you know my recommendation is to be seen by a podiatrist or orthopedist. As far as the ace bandage goes, I have seen people use an ace bandage repeatedly until the last bit of elastic is shredded and useless. There are many ankle braces and generally, you get what you pay for. I suggest you go non-weightbearing on crutches until you get an examination. Don’t always assume that because you do not have insurance you can’t see a doctor.