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Post-broken ankle swelling


I had a cast on for 6 weeks when it was finally removed on May 31st.
The Doctor said that it would be sore and swollen (and that it was healed enough that it wouldn’t need another cast).
He also said I developed osteoporosis in the injured area.
Its been over 2 weeks since the cast removal and my ankle/foot is still swollen.
The size of the swollen areas vary throughout the day.
Advil seems to help with any pain.
I had been using cane to get around, but I’ve been walking without its assistance for about 5 days now (a sign that it could be getting better).
Should I be concerned about the swelling?
I am currently on vacation until the end of July, so I won’t be able to visit the doctor.
He also didn’t mention any need for rehab or medicine, or any followups.

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  1. Without knowing the particulars in your situation I am speaking just generally. Swelling persists long after the cast is off. Compression hose might help. But the simple fact is we expect our injuries to get well in spite of what we do. Gravity is the enemy here. When you sit, elevate higher than your heart, Ice can be helpful. If your doctor felt you were on the mend, then great, but that does not mean that you should expect to be back at 100% immediately. I tell my patients it can take up to twice as long to recover after the cast is off as the length of time you were casted.