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Posterior Tibial Tendonitis


HI. I am a big over pronator and has been having “shin splints” for 4 years, which really was tendonitis.
This past track season, my arch started to ache and the rest of the tendons started to pull and hurt.
Then one race my whole foot just pulled and I have been out for 3 months with posterior tibial tendonitis.
I got orthotics and have been doing rubber band exercises for the past month to strengthen my right foot.
I just started running this past week and i can run 10 min with out any pain, or little.
Then i start getting a burning sensation that starts in the back of my foot and starts up the arch.
Should i run through this pain?
Any other suggestions on rehab and will i ever be able to run like i use to?


  1. In order to give you advice, you would need to be evaluated. The shoes you wear to train as well as the shoes you race in. You did not mention the type of orthotic you have, so I can only suggest you see a podiatrist who treats athletes.Good luck.