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potholes and back pain


Dear Doctor – recently i was driving at night and didn’t see a bad section of road that was so full of potholes i felt like i was a riding a bucking bronco horse in a rodeo for about six seconds, though it seemed like an eternity – now my back has been hurting ever since then and i’ve been using ice – it makes me wonder how much shock do our spines absorb from a patch of bad potholes and can any serious injuries to the spine result from these nasty road hazards?


  1. Dear Paul,If you had an old injured area to your spine and then experienced that kind of stress to your back, you could easily irritated an old injury. You should visit a chiropractor to be checked. Also fell free to visit our web site for more helpful information at curvesolutionsusa . comKind regardsDr Anthony Gambalecurvesolutionsusa . com