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prolonged ankle pain following injury


I was in a car accident 8 months ago, I have had an mri and bone scan on my foot and ankle, my doctor states I have a sprain, I still have pain when I walk, I cant stand in one place without pain, and I have weakness in my ankle. The pain seems to be worst not better, and I am unable to walk any distance without pain, or spasms in my foot,shouldent the symtoms be getting better after 8 months


  1. It sounds like you need to look higher up than the ankle the problem actually sounds like a nerve pinch in you back. Did you injury your back in the car accident? That can definitely cause pain, spasms, and weakness. The other possibility is that without proper care of the ankle you may have scartissue that is cause the ankle to remain in the stiffness phase of an injury. Did you have physical therapy after the injury? This could also help. Just a couple of thoughts.