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PT for detached meniscus


I had surgery in July for a detached meniscus in my left knee.
I am now looking for exercises for strengthening the left leg.
I have full extension and did all PT post-surgery until now I have some discomfort behind the knee cap and below the knee on the inside.
I started off slow in the gym and have increased at a rather slow pace. Are there any more challenging, but safe, exercises? I am a multi-sport woman (soccer, running, snowboarding, surfing, diving).
I have done none of these (except gym workouts including bike, elliptical, weights, bozu ball etc) since the surgery.

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    • Yes, I am done with PT. My surgery was in July. Yes, major work on the VMO. Based on leg exercises at the gym, my legs are stronger than ever before. But the discomfort behind the knee cap and below the inside of the knee (left) persists. Are there exercises I should be doing or avoiding?