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pulled hamstring


I am age 42 and recently pulled my hamstring running the 400m at a masters track meet. It was bad enough that it was painful for about 6 days with a large bruised area. I actually pulled it around the 200m point and kept running to finish in 54 seconds. Currently, I am doing much better now after RICE, stretching and riding a stationary bike.
What I need to know is what exercises can I perform to strengthen my legs and hamstrings. I was told that leg extensions and leg curls could actually cause more harm. I don’t want this to become a chronic problem. What about the biking? Any other suggestions would be extremely helpful.


  1. i pulled my hamstring 2 days ago, i can walk better then yesterday, it doesnt hurt that much to go up stairs and down stairsm what can i do to to return to sports faster.

  2. You need to do nothing, until that muslce is healed. don’t stretch don’t ride a bike, don’t exercise. you can walk around some, until pain starts to dissapate, then start extremely light stretching, until all pain is gone then slowly start to exercise again, it will hurt for quite some time after it heels.