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Pulled Quad


I think i pulled my quad yesterday during a softball game. As i swung and started to run out of the battersbox, i felt like a snap on the top of my thigh, i actually stopped thinking someone threw something at me and hit me there. I can walk and lightly run with no pain, but when i swing hard or push off to run i feel pain. What should i do to treat this, i already iced it. How long should i expect to feel pain? when will i be back to near 100%?


  1. I was at my softball game two nights ago and ran after a fly ball and the second that I took off I felt an intence sharp pain go up my leg. immediatly after, I put ice on it and took some advil and was told to go to the personal trainer. I was unable to walk to next morning so used crutches to get around. But my question is..Is there anything else that I could do for it? Should I wrap it? How do you know if you’ve done something really bad? And should I go to the doctor, or jsut stay with the personal trainers?