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Pulled Quad


My names Paul and I injured my quad and am not sure really what I did. I hurt it from soccer and whenever I try to kick it, I get the biggest pain in my upper quad. It doesn’t hurt when I run, only when i kick. Can you please let me know what I can do to fix it. I’m a freshman and I made Varsity soccer at my high school and I need to start playing and not sitting out. Thank you for any advide… emails


  1. HelloMy name is Peter and i pulled the upper part of my quad, near the hip. I started of this football season great. I started and i was playing great but then I end up with a heel injury. I was out for 6 weeks, and then i came back and then i pulled my upper quad. I am dealing with some much frustration. I am wondering what kind of recovery process it will take to heal up. Please give me some crucial tips so i can recover very quickly. Thank you.