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about 7to 8 weeks ago i pulled my quad and the other day i thought i had repulled it. But i was told that it was a knot. i was woundering after massaging it for 10 minutes a night how long does this need to be done for? my quad is tight and when massaging it you can feel it is very tight and has a lump there. what should i do?

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  1. on 3/7 i injured my pelvis sacrum and pubic bone while vigorously mopping my kitchen floor. the day after i noticed numbness and pain in my quad and hamstring. i have a burning sensation to the skin on the quad and i feel muscle spasms and electic shocks from time to time however this is getting less and less. my leg almost feels swollen but does not look it. i have been in pt and have had an mri and a nerve conduction study that were both negative. my gate is off somewhat because of the pain. i was advised by pt to use a cane if necessary. the only weakness i notice is climbing stairs i feel that quad is not as strong.