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quad muscle tear


My son is an 18 year old Soccer player with type 1 diabetes.
He is in excellent health.
He is having an u/s tomorrow to check if he has torn his quadricep muscle.
If it is a tear and requires surgery what is the recovery period and prognosis? He has several scholarship offers for colleges starting fall of 2006.thanks


  1. I was running in a softball game when I felt like if my muscle had left my leg. I heard a tear. The following game I had severe pain in my outer thigh area. Its been a week and I feel fine however I can’t apply pressure in that muscle. If I use it I feel severe pain in the area. What should I do to make it better and how long could this tear take to heel.

    • hi i was sprinting and felt a tear in my quad area, i was in great pain and couldnt walk, my quad is ver y hard and was wondering how can i treat it, thanks

  2. I was trying to kick a corner ball in soccer today and felt a pop in my quad and then was limping right away – i’m 49 yrs old and am in bad shape – what do you think this is? i’m doing ICE and will try to do RICE but i need to get back to work tomorrow – any suggestions pleasethanks

  3. Last week I also injured my quad. During a mountain bike race, I went down hard and my outer left quad absorbed most of my body weight as it hit a big rock. I had problems walking, and a week later still limping, pretty bad bruising, and a ‘dent’ with a slight bulge below it in my quad. Still sore to the touch. Did the R.I.C.E. thing as well. Do I need to get medical attention to this? I figured it was just a bad bruise.