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Quadricep tear


I had a major pull with my quad last year while kicking a football. Upon kicking the ball I really did not feel anything but as soon as I took the next step and the leg kind of gave out. As we alldo, I kind of tried to walk it off.
Walking forward was fine but when I walked backward it felt like I could hardly lift the leg and it swelled immediately.
I went to the hospital and the doc took an x-ray and said that I most likey strained the muscle I rested it for about 6 weeks and went back to playing with a little bit of pain.
I played all spring and all summer and it was ok and in the fall I had it looked at again by a PT.
They calmed down some welling and now there is a divot in my thigh muscle with a rather high ridge on either side of the divot.
When a press in the divot the pain is an excuciating ache more than a sharp pain.
I still feel as if I can play on it but the PT says that is because the muscle mass on my leg is making up for a serious shortcoming in the muscle.
I think I know what it is (bad tear) can anybody else shed some light? Thanks

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  1. Golf Course FarkletI warmed up about 2 miles before I started my wowrk out. I did 1x 500 yds pick up..I started the second one and into about 100 yds I felt a shrp pain in my upper quadicep. I immediately stopped. I walked about 2 mintes thinking it was a cramp and hoping it was not a quad pull, but I tried to start again and it was there again. I jogged very slowly back home and put ice on it and wrapped it..