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Quadricep injury


About 4-5 weeks ago I pulled my Quadricep playing soccer. The first time I pulled it I gave it a week and then played again. Then, you gusset it I pulled it again. So after that I took a vacation from all sports It’s been about 4 weeks now and last Saturday I went and played a small pick-up game to see if it was healed. I didn’t pull it but it does fell strained. Should I just take this as a good sign and keep stretching it? or should I give it a few more weeks?


  1. About 3 weeks ago i was running in a track meet(100 meter) when i felt my quadricep start to hurt(it wasnt a pop or anything). It wasnt bad enough from stoppin me from running or anything, and i ran again later. In practice i continued to run very hard, and it got worse(but still wasnt bad enough to stop me from running) When the track season was over, i began weight lifting for football the day after track ended. At first the pain and swelling appeared to go away, but almost a week later a large bump appeared in the center of my quad. The pain is almost fully gone but i still have this bump. What is it and what should i do?

  2. A year ago i began experiencing pain in my shins whenever i ran. It got worse so i stopped running for about 2 months. Cross Country season started and of course that meant that i started running. I ran the whole season with HORRIBLE pains in my shins. After the season ended i stopped running again. My shins still hurt with any exercise and my ankles also hurt. One year with shin splints doesn’t seem normal. When will it go away?