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questions about broken foot


I’m 16 and i broke 4 bones my right foot (2 in the midfoot, talus and cuboid). i must take of cast the next week but foot still hurts a lot! i can’t bear weight or move toes and it is swollen. will i have a new cast?


  1. The answer depends on several things: how long this cast has been on, how the healing is progressing, the alignment of the fractures. Your doctor will be the one to answer this question, after evaluating your foot.

    • doctor removed cast yesterday because i fell on my broken foot. it swollen and bruised a lot, so i went to doctor. x ray shows that the healing process isn’t started but bones are quite aligned. the foot is so big that is impossible to make a cast on, so doctor splinted. my foot is in agony it mustgo down, how can i decrease sweling?