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Re: operation for rupture of archilles tendon


: : 12 weeks since operation, for ruptured archilles tendon.: how long before i am walking normal?: i am 64 yrs old and was very active before operation: feeling very depressed at the moment is there any light at the end of my tunnel.


  1. I want to know how you are doing Im three weeks post surgury for a torn achilles tendon and I have never had pain like this before. Im also depressed I have worked out six days a week and Im very active Im 43 years old and just married in January, I need some encouagement, E-Mail me back I just need to talk to someone that can understand what Im going through.

    • : : : : : : I injured my tendon on the 25th of nov. I had surgery to repair my tendon on the 29th of nov. I was in a cast for 6 weeks and just 3 weeks ago i began physio therapy. Everything was going fine until today I slipped on the last step coming out of therapy and felt my leg “POP” again. I immediately went to my surgeon but she couldn’t really tell. I must go back for an ultrasound in 2 days. I seem to be able to walk but bthere is pain in the back of my ankle. I’ve been putting ice on it and I tried the exam of having my legs hang over the end of the bed and squeeze my calf muscle. My foot still has reflex so I’m just wondering if you think that it’s possible that I really did tear it again or would it be possible that it’s maybe just a sprain? Is their anyother exam I could do myself to have a better idea of what it might be. Thanks for everything, Melanie Bockus