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Re. Pain in calf region and burning sensation in foot region


hello doc,I am a residence of Bombay,India. My husband is suffering from severe pain in calf region, also he complains of burning sensation in feet, in both the legs. He is suffering from this problem from past 4-5 years. He has been to many spesensoredts(like neurologist, orthopaedic, Reiki spesensoredt etc.) but nothing was really helpful.
He is not suffering from any other chronic diseases nor he is over-weight. but he is in a job where he needs to stand for 8-10 hours daily. Please try to help me as soon as possible. I would be really grateful to you.Regards .Jyoti SinghHis family background:Father – sometimes complains of burning sensations in feet.Mother – Diabetes patient from past 10 years.Elder Brother – Diabetes patient from past 5 years.


  1. Certainly, neuropathy can have numerous causes such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. It can also run in families (familial idiopathic neuropathy)What tests did the neurologist run? Is there any history of low back problems? Is there any vascular problem? If the patient smokes, intermittent claudication might be a possible cause.