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Re: scholiosis


: Hi,: I am 27 years old and have been advised I have scholiosis and would require up to 3 years of treatment begining with 5 days a week of treatment.
Is this normal?: Thanks: Meldear mel: if you have the option for treatment then take it because it does get worse if you haven’t been told,mine causes pinched nerves and a sore spine all of the time.But just remember the disease isn’t in the spine it’s in the muscle around the spine,the muscles are deformed and it causes your spine to be deformed so the treatment should be exercise and a little bit of tlc. If you do feel any problems with the treatment then be sure to be to the point with your issues and let your therapist know if any,otherwise yes treatment take a long time especially for the longer you have the disorder the longer it take to fix.

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