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RE: Severe heel fissures


My husband has severely cracked heels. They have been like this for as long as I have known him (so at least 7 years), and I imagine it took several years for them to get like this. There are many DEEP cracks. Can this harm him if it goes untreated? What would be the treatment for this? Is this a common problem? I have found a lot of information on what causes this and how to prevent it—but no information on how to treat it.


  1. If the cause is a fubgus, then it must be treated. If the cause is wearing sandals or going barefoot all the time, then that must be addressed.Generally, the fissures are debrided, sanded and a lotion is applied under occlusion. This must be done for some time before results are achieved. This will probably require periodic applications. He really should see a podiatrist.