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Recovering from a broken ankle


Hi All,I broke my fibula on July 6, 2006 – it’s a spiral fracture of the tibula with some torn ligaments to boot.I had surgery on July 15th – 2 mteal screws placed in ankle. After having plaster cast on for 10 days – I went back to the doctor and he said I must keep the cast on until August 29th – which will be about 6.5 weeks total.I’m a very active person and want to do everything I possibly can to rehab quickly. Should I look into getting the plaster cast off sooner and go with fiberglass or an air cast to start physio? Or am I getting too anxious? I’ve been doing some ankle movements (drawing the alphabet with my big toe) to try and strengthen the ankle.Should I seek a second opinion from another doctor. Anyone have similar experiences?thanks!


  1. I also fracture my fibula and and I had to have screws put in to mine I want to recover real quick but i don’t know what exercises to do and i seek help on getting some advice. I play basketball and my team needs me very bad I just got my boot off today but the doctor told me that i didn’t need physical therapy why would he say that when I need to streghten my ankle back I just want to know whats the quickiest way for me to strenghten it.